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Colin Gailey




Get to know me, ask questions, tell me about your goals. You're guaranteed to learn something inspiring.


Much more than lessons in just guitar playing, I'll teach everything a well-rounded musician needs to know. You'll explore essential knowledge such as Music Theory, Scale Patterns, Ear Training, Technique, Rhythmic Control, Effective Practice Design, Recording Techniques, Dialing in Amp Tones & Effects, Artistic Development, and more! 


I specialize in finding creative ways to break out of the box. Experience the joy of music to the fullest by learning to take your playing in new directions and expanding your horizons. Imagine playing the guitar without limitations. You'll learn to systematically remove all obstacles and play with complete freedom


What do all the greatest guitar heroes have in common? Emphasis and conviction! Regardless of musical style, I break down the absolute most important points of focus. With a clear explanation and plan of attack, you'll learn to incorporate these concepts and radically change the way you play forever.

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Wyatt H. - Santa Cruz, CA

Colin is an amazing musician, but an even more amazing person, teacher, and mentor.
I've have learned so much about music and performance from him, as well as a great deal about recording and composition too. He's helped me so much in both my understanding of music and how to play!  We've worked both in person and also over Skype, and both experiences are incredibly worthwhile.

Sarah A. - Royal Oaks, CA

Colin's musicianship is something to be experienced as he teaches with great creative authenticity. You'll come away with new skills, as well as an added sense of confidence. Reading the other reviews on this Yelp page, I definitely agree with the others in that Colin's experience is broad and varied. Great stuff here. Not to be missed.

Marcus R. - Falls Church, VA

Colin has been nothing but amazing helping me learn but the fundamentals and the more advanced theories as well. He tailors every session towards what's needed while keeping an eye for building skills that will paint a bigger picture. Great instructor. Couldn't recommend more!


Colin Gailey guitar player

I have over 20 years of experience teaching, performing, and recording music. I studied at the world-famous Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA where I majored in Guitar Performance and Recording Engineering. After graduating, I worked as a teacher at Musicians Institute and a first-call session guitar player working with a vast array of artists in the recording industry. In November 2012 I was chosen as a winner in the Guitar Center "Master Satriani Contest". In this national competition, I competed against thousands of other guitarists and ultimately was handpicked by legendary guitar virtuoso, Joe Satriani himself. Currently, I live in Santa Cruz, CA, and teach music to up-and-coming musicians, compose music for media, and play in the funk rock band, Jive Machine. I have a knack for making complex musical ideas relatable and easy to understand. I pride myself on thinking outside the box and specialize in coming up with new and exciting ways to help musicians of all sorts reach new levels of expression.


Why should I take lessons from Colin?

Music has changed my life in an extraordinary way and I truly believe everyone deserves to experience this utopia for themselves. It would be my honor to facilitate your musical journey and pass along my knowledge to you. I've had the privilege of studying with some of the greatest musicians in the world like Paul Gilbert, Larry Carlton, Marty Friedman, Carl Verheyen, Dale Turner, and Ross Bolton to name a few. All of my instructors had a unique perspective on music, and over the years, I've been able to take pieces from each of them and apply their concepts to my own playing style. So in essence, you're getting much more than just my take on things! I can offer a unique perspective and new insight leading to expedited discoveries and inspiration. I am committed to being your musical champion. I will hold you accountable, keep you focused, and challenge you while making sure the process is fun and enjoyable. 

What should I know before starting lessons?

Online lessons are not for the complete beginner. You should have some experience playing the guitar. Foundational techniques like strumming, alternate picking, and string bending, as well as some knowledge of basic chords and scales. Beyond that, I can help fill in the knowledge gaps quickly. Not sure if you're ready? Get in touch

What styles do you teach?

Having studied music for half my life, I am well versed in many styles. I specialize in rock, blues, funk, progressive, and jazz. Curious to explore something else? Contact me to see if it's a good fit. 

What can I expect? How long will it take to get results?

 With me as your guide, you can expect to grow your ability and connection to the guitar with every session. Every student is unique, therefore it's hard to put an exact time frame on improvement. Most students will notice some improvement in the first week, with a marked improvement every week thereafter. Growing your guitar skill is not always a linear process, but you will absolutely further your knowledge and have a clearer path after every lesson with me. 

What kind of gear do I need?

To get the most out of the online lesson experience you should have the following:

* Guitar

* Guitar Amplifier or Hardware/Software Modeler 

* Mac or PC capable of running Skype or Zoom

* Internet connection capable of 500 kbps Upload/Download

It is also highly recommended to have a wired internet connection, an external audio interface, and Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). I will happily guide you through this process if you're unfamiliar with any of this.

I don't have hours and hours to practice, can I really improve much?

Absolutely! When you have a professional to assess your playing you'll find out exactly what you need to progress optimally. I have a unique ability to design effective practice programs for even the busiest individuals. Obviously the more you put into it, the more you'll get out of it, but you will be blown away by the progress you can make when you have the guidance of a professional. 

How much does it cost?

Sheet Music and Guitar


A single 30-60 minute session with Colin.



Man Playing Guitar


A weekly 30-60 minute session with Colin. For the player that is committed to taking their skill to the next level.


Save $20!



Man Playing Guitar


For the passionate musician with the highest standards who won't settle for anything less than guitar mastery.


Save $32!



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